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Banks & Other Depository Institutions

Banks operate in a broad array of markets and product types and are subject to numerous legal and regulatory requirements. Beyond deep knowledge of financial, economic, and statistical methods, Brattle experts have first-hand experience in banking custom and practice as well as the ability to properly interpret regulatory requirements. This real-world perspective we bring to each engagement ensures that required analyses are on-point and meaningful.


Below is a list of representative engagements for our Banks & Other Depository Institutions practice.

Thornburg Mortgage (Trustee) v. Barclays Capital

On behalf of Barclays Capital in a disputed margin call brought by the bankruptcy trustee of Thornburg Mortgage, a Brattle principal provided damages testimony. We also sourced and supported an expert in Master Repurchase Agreement custom and practice. The matter was settled.

United States of America v. BNP Paribas SA
A Brattle principal provided expert testimony under the False Claims Act in United States of America v. BNP Paribas SA regarding bank supervisory, due diligence, and monitoring responsibilities for commercial loans supported by a U.S. Government guaranty.
Dugan et. al. v. Lloyds Bank

In various class and state court actions, a Brattle principal provided expert testimony on behalf of Lloyds Bank addressing commercial lending custom and practice in the administration of loan agreement contractual terms and conditions.

European bank consulting engagement
A Brattle expert led a consulting engagement to redesign the credit and counterparty guidelines and risk approval authorities for a European bank. The purpose of the engagement was to incorporate best practices in structuring credit extensions and measuring and monitoring counterparty risk in custodial relationships.
AFTRA Retirement Fund v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

A Brattle expert testified in this ERISA matter dealing with a fiduciary client’s investment in structured investment vehicle debt, related bank information barriers, material non-public information rules, and potential conflicts of interest.

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