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Global Custodians / Hedge Fund Administrators

Regulators, investors, and funds are frequently in dispute with fund service providers. Global custodians who hold assets held in custody and hedge fund administrators who calculate fund net asset values are also subject to regulatory oversight. Their duties and responsibilities are assessed in the context of industry custom and practice and the extent to which practices are mandated by regulation or jurisdiction. Brattle experts are deeply experienced with custom and practice both in the U.S. and in offshore domiciles.


Below is a list of representative engagements for our Global Custodians / Hedge Fund Administrators practice.

Anwar v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited
Arising out of the Madoff Ponzi scheme, a Brattle principal provided expert testimony addressing the nature of the hedge fund organizations and the role of a securities custodian, together with the duties and responsibilities of the securities custodian based upon industry standards and practices and the service agreement executed with the fund.
Weavering Macro Fixed Income Fund Limited (In Liquidation) v. PNC Global Investment Servicing (Europe) Limited
A Brattle principal provided expert advice in regarding customary and contractual duties and responsibilities of a fund administrator in service to a Cayman domiciled hedge fund.
Hedge fund / administrator dispute
A Brattle principal provided testimony in an investment services arbitration addressing the customary and contractual duties and responsibilities of an administrator in a payment and performance dispute with a hedge fund.
High net worth custody dispute
Brattle sourced and supported a custody expert in a dispute over the role and responsibilities of a custodian in service to the high net worth clients of a registered investment advisor.
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