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Industry Custom and Practice

Industry custom and practice and standard of care are frequently key factors when establishing liability in disputes in the financial services industry. Brattle principals offer decades of direct industry experience in financial services. Brattle experts include former senior staff of large financial institutions, as well as former regulators and senior government officials, allowing us to provide our clients with detailed, real-world knowledge of how various financial institutions actually operate. We also regularly identify and work with industry experts with specific professional profiles particularly relevant and sought after by our clients.

Brattle experts, as well as industry experts with whom we work, have addressed contractual disputes, regulatory compliance, risk management processes, asset valuation, industry custom and practice, and standard of care. Our experience spans a range of engagements involving commercial lending, mortgage securitization, over-the-counter trading practices in foreign exchange, equity block trading and fixed income markets, custody of securities, hedge fund administration, securities fraud, tax disputes, credit crisis litigation, broker/client investment suitability and foreseeability, bankruptcy and ability to pay, and competition. We have provided expert advice and testimony before state and federal courts, arbitration panels, and in foreign courts.

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