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The Brattle Group has deep experience in analyzing telecommunications infrastructure to provide wireless and fixed-line services delivering voice, video, and broadband. We have evaluated the markets for telecommunications services and equipment, trends in the communications industry, and business feasibilities as part of strategic advisory projects, policy analyses, and in support of commercial litigation. We are also involved in the valuation of wireless spectrum in the U.S. and around the world. Brattle provides spectrum market analyses and has provided auction bidders with real-time strategic “war room” support in spectrum auctions. Brattle’s recent research and testimony has informed issues including the need for more wireless spectrum and the how wireless technology is transforming agricultural water use.


Below is a list of representative engagements for our Telecommunications practice.

Cost modelling for broadband networks
In connection with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Connect America Fund and Universal Service Reform, Brattle developed a model for GCI (a wireless and cable company) to determine the costs and feasibility of deploying wireless broadband networks in rural areas throughout the U.S., including remote parts of Alaska. Brattle’s model applied GIS-based analysis to segment geographies and determined options and costs for last mile as well as middle mile (fiber, microwave, and satellite) broadband solutions. The results of Brattle’s model were cited by the FCC in its 2016 Report and Order on Universal Service. This work built upon prior Brattle engagements to develop cost models for wireline and wireless voice and broadband networks used in a range of state and federal regulatory proceedings.
Spectrum policy and auction design
Brattle has been involved in a range of issues associated with spectrum policy and auction design. Our work in this area has included development of policy analyses and participation in proceedings before the FCC and U.S. Congress concerning spectrum allocation and auction design issues.
Real-time auction analysis and bid advising
Brattle’s experts have provided analysis and support for bidders in the U.S. and Canadian AWS and 700 MHz auctions and the UK and Indian 3G auctions. Our work has included pre-auction spectrum valuation analyses as well as real-time round-by-round analysis and bid advising.
Cost and rate modeling
We have worked extensively in the areas of cost and rate modeling and have testified in various state proceedings on the appropriate economic principles for determining the price of unbundled network elements and an efficient wholesale discount. We have developed comprehensive models and provided expert testimony concerning the costs and prices of unbundled network elements (UNEs), using the Total Element Long Run Incremental Cost (TELRIC) methodology.
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