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Valuation of Securities, Financial Interests, and Business Operations

Valuation analysis is a substantial part of securities and financial markets litigation. The analysis used to value complex security instruments requires a thorough understanding of the facts and issues. To this end, The Brattle Group combines in-depth industry experience and rigorous analyses using sound economic and financial principles to help clients answer complex valuation and financial questions in litigation.

Valuation analysis is a common approach in disputes associated with bankruptcies, buyouts, divestitures, initial public offerings, going-private transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private placements, and reorganizations. Valuation analysis is also common in disputes that focus on debt, derivative securities, and intellectual property rights.

The Brattle Group’s litigation experts have extensive experience with valuation analysis such as appraisal of fair value, estimation of cost of capital, and disputes associated with mergers and acquisitions. Our expertise is grounded in a thorough understanding of finance and economics, accounting, financial products, capital markets, regulation, and industry custom and practice.


Below is a list of representative engagements for our Valuation of Securities, Financial Interests, and Business Operations practice.

Enterprise valuation of a telecommunications company
On behalf of the special committee to the board of directors for a major international telecommunications provider in bankruptcy proceedings, The Brattle Group provided forensic analysis of the economics, financial reporting, and accounting associated with the company’s bankruptcy. The engagement involved contemporaneous review and analysis of telecom market structure and trends, capacity and pricing projections in international markets, business justification of certain transactions, and appropriateness of the accounting for these transactions. The project also involved econometric event study analysis and the estimation of the impact of quarterly earnings announcements on equity prices and enterprise value.
Real option valuation drug development business
The Brattle Group built real options models for the drug development process for 19 drugs in various stages of clinical progress. We valued the profit split on the potential returns of these drugs between small biotechnology firms and the large pharmaceutical firms with whom they entered into business alliances. We analyzed the terms of the development contracts and the assumptions on revenues, manufacturing costs, clinical trial expenses, cost of capital, and itemized income statement expenses.
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