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Money Laundering, FCPA, and FCA Investigations

In money laundering, FCPA, and False Claims Act (FCA) cases, we play several complementary roles, including forensic analysts to identify and trace money flows; big data analysts to extract and summarize the relevant information from discovery sources; and economic experts to determine the effect of alleged misconduct and provide expert testimony. We work closely with counsel, adding technical and economic expertise, to answer key questions by developing empirical evidence and economic opinions.


Below is a list of representative engagements for our Money Laundering, FCPA, and FCA Investigations practice.

Billing fraud by defense contractor
A Brattle expert was retained to provide an economic analysis and to calculate damages stemming from alleged billing fraud on a defense contract under several scenarios and assumptions (US, ex rel., Michael Saunders, v. Unisys, Inc.). We used a “but-for” approach to assess the damages due the allegedly fraudulent conduct.
Money laundering
The Brattle Group was retained by the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice to support an investigation revolving around a $6 billion digital currency money laundering scheme. Brattle’s team assisted the DOJ in identifying evidence indicative of money laundering activities within the massive haystack of structured and unstructured data at hand. By assembling, standardizing and integrating data from different sources and leveraging sophisticated data analytics, Brattle’s team was able to uncover anomalies and patterns that were indicative of illicit activity. The investigation is believed to be the largest international money laundering prosecution in history.
False Claims Act: U.S. v. Countrywide / BofA
In landmark litigation against a major U.S. financial institution under the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA), Brattle experts helped to identify and recruit multiple experts and advise counsel on case-specific facts and considerations from inception through trial. We coordinated rigorous review of millions of documents produced and used in discovery, as well as analysis of loan-level data to determine the information known about the quality of the loans in question, management’s actions, the causes of loan defaults, and the extent of resulting damages. We assisted counsel in real-time before and during trial, which ended in a jury verdict favorable for the client on liability and a $1.3 billion damages award.
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