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The Brattle Group’s global team assists clients involved in a wide range of litigation matters. Our experts present and defend principled economic and financial evidence, and identify and expose flaws in opposing opinions. We’ve honed our collective skillset through our work on some of the most contentious and high stakes litigations around the world.

Litigation Support

Brattle consultants provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of a case, from identifying key issues that help inform case strategy to assisting attorneys in preparation for deposition and trial. Services rendered to attorneys in connection with legal proceedings include expert witness identification and support, discovery and document management, fact deposition preparation, database development, analysis, and strategic advice. We work closely with counsel to develop case theory, analyze liability/causation, and quantify damages.

Expert Testimony

Our unparalleled network of in-house and outside experts includes highly credentialed industry specialists and leading international academics. We approach each case as unique and work to identify the most effective expert based on credentials, prior testifying experience, and ability to communicate clear and focused findings. Our experts are closely engaged throughout each commitment to drive the economic theory and reasoning behind analyses.

Consulting Services

In addition to our litigation support, we also provide consulting services in the context of investigations, regulatory inquiries, and enforcement actions. We have presented the results of our findings before numerous agencies, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, and Internal Revenue Service, among others.

Areas of Expertise