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Valuing Russian Assets

This thought-provoking episode of The Brattle Exchange centers on the economic repercussions resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions that have fueled disputes and arbitrations involving European investors in Russia.

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Is It Time to Join the CHP Club? Increasing Energy Reliability and Savings

CHP systems capture two forms of energy at once, heat and electrical power. CHP can be the cornerstone of a more diversified platform of the gas-fired generation, renewable energy, electric and thermal storage, and smart controls for local loads, to make your campus more resilient, greener and cleaner, and more technology-forward.

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Intellectual curiosity, a passion for principles, a strong team orientation, and respect for clients and colleagues are part of the Brattle DNA. We’re always seeking bright, collaborative professionals to join our team.


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“Brattle’s quantum reports and their explanation by Brattle’s experts during direct and cross-examination…were sound, solid, and convincing.”

Tribunal, Antin v. Spain