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Follow the Money: Exploring Funds Tracing

In this episode, Brattle Principals Alberto Vargas and Paul Hinton explore funds tracing, shedding light on the tools used to identify the movement of specific funds. From cases of employee misappropriation to complex bankruptcy proceedings, Alberto and Paul discuss the challenges and uncertainties faced in tracing the flow of funds. They also touch upon the multiple purposes of tracing, from filling in the factual record to fashioning equitable remedies.

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Managing Coal Plant Retirements for an Orderly Transition to Decarbonization

Coal plants are increasingly under economic pressure due to slow load growth, low natural gas prices, and declining wind and solar costs, among other factors. As a result, about 30% of US coal capacity has retired since 2010, with an additional 55 GW slated to retire by 2030.



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Intellectual curiosity, a passion for principles, a strong team orientation, and respect for clients and colleagues are part of the Brattle DNA. We’re always seeking bright, collaborative professionals to join our team.


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“Brattle’s quantum reports and their explanation by Brattle’s experts during direct and cross-examination…were sound, solid, and convincing.”

Tribunal, Antin v. Spain