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Delaware Chancery Court Upholds $550 Million Acquisition of Brattle Client DecoPac in MAE Dispute

In one of the few contested mergers to be adjudicated by trial over a material adverse effect (MAE) claim related to COVID, the Delaware Chancery Court ruled that Kohlberg & Company’s $550 million acquisition of DecoPac must be completed. The post-trial opinion “resolved all issues in favor of” Brattle’s clients, DecoPac and Snow Phipps.

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Five Brattle-Authored Articles Nominated for the 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards
Five Brattle-authored articles have been nominated for the 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards, which are presented annually by Concurrences and the George Washington University Competition Law Center to honor the best in antitrust commentary.
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May 12
Maximizing Hydropower's Value in Wholesale Electricity Markets: Brattle Consultants Author Whitepaper for National Hydropower Association
A new whitepaper released today by the National Hydropower Association (NHA) and authored by economists at The Brattle Group explores how hydropower assets currently participate in regional transmission organization (RTO) wholesale markets, and how RTO market rules can encourage hydro to operate and invest in ways that maximize their value to the system as the power sector transforms to clean energy and variable resources.
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April 15
Court Ruling Leads to Favorable Settlement for Brattle Client in William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC v. Writers Guild of America, West, Inc., et al.
Following a long-running series of disputes, Brattle's analyses contributed to a highly successful outcome for the Writers Guild of America in the matter of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC v. Writers Guild of America, West, Inc., et al., as the court dismissed William Morris' preliminary injunction motion and a favorable settlement was agreed upon.
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March 18