The Brattle Group combines a thorough understanding of ratemaking and regulation with world-class knowledge in finance to provide our clients with new and innovative methods to structure rates, determine financing costs, and manage energy risk.

We apply finance and economic principles to advise clients on strategies pertaining to the utility of the future, cost of capital, risk management, and rate design. Our economists are also industry leaders in load forecasting and weather normalization methods for planning and ratemaking purposes.

We frequently serve as expert witnesses in rate cases and other finance matters, and as strategy consultants for utility management or other utility market participants. We are also called upon to prepare reports that provide a thorough analysis of regulatory finance issues. Our team of experts has published widely-regarded texts and articles on industry financial practices and policy questions. Our staff includes Stewart C. Myers, the author of the leading graduate-level textbook on corporate finance, and Daniel McFadden, a Nobel Laureate for his an expertise in applying statistical methods to economics. Our vast network of academic and industry experts and the worldwide focus of our practice keep us at the forefront of critical regulatory finance and ratemaking issues.

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Bente Villadsen
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Dr. Villadsen specializes in finance and accounting matters with an emphasis on the energy industry.

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