Brattle’s Electricity Wholesale Markets & Planning practice has assisted market operators, utilities, regulators, and market participants in the US, Canada, and worldwide with insightful, rigorous analyses that help navigate a changing energy landscape. Our work informs wholesale market designs, planning processes, and investment decisions to meet reliability and environmental objectives cost-effectively.

We have contributed to the design of capacity markets and/or energy and ancillary services (E&AS) markets such as PJM, MISO, ERCOT, CAISO, NYISO, ISO-NE, and SPP in the US, and the AESO and IESO in Canada. Brattle has also evaluated regional transmission organization (RTO) formation/expansion benefits in the US West and Southeast; developed a framework and tools for transmission benefit-cost analysis and applied them to many of the large transmission projects in the US; and advised state agencies on their procurements and transmission plans for meeting clean energy objectives.

Our team has deep expertise in the electricity system and adjacent industries, as well as in economic and financial analysis, effective communication with decision-makers and non-technical audiences, and advanced system/market modeling tools.

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Johannes Pfeifenberger
  • Principal

  • Boston

Mr. Pfeifenberger is an economist with a background in electrical engineering and over 25 years of experience in the areas of electricity markets, regulation, and finance. 

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