The intent of antitrust policy is to safeguard competition and innovation for the benefit of consumers. Though the underlying principles are straightforward, the economic issues and analyses in these cases can be quite complex. With expertise across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, The Brattle Group’s global antitrust and competition team offers a unique approach to tackling the challenges posed by these cases around the world.

Our approach has three elements:

  • Our testifying experts – whether in-house or academic affiliates – are closely engaged throughout the project, both to drive the economic analysis and to ensure on-time and complete work product
  • Teams are leanly staffed, while still maximizing project knowledge and depth
  • Clients have direct access to the entire project team without unnecessary layers of management impeding communication

We have advised clients in hundreds of transactions, and we have provided testimony and litigation support in antitrust and competition cases on behalf of leading law firms and government agencies around the world.

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