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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Brattle different from other firms?

Brattle is unique in many ways. We maintain a flat organizational structure, where analysts work side-by-side with world-renowned economists, and are dedicated to employee development and training. Because we are privately held, we are able to focus on maintaining our core values of respect, integrity, collaboration, and performance. Additionally, we are small enough to provide many one-on-one opportunities and an environment where everyone knows each other, but large enough to have a strong reputation and to attract high profile and challenging work. We pride ourselves on having a culture that reflects our passion for what we do. To learn more about what sets us apart, please visit the Why Brattle page.

What is economic consulting?

The Brattle Group is a consultancy specializing in economics, finance, and regulation. Law firms, leading corporations, and government entities hire us to provide the expertise they need to make well-informed decisions or to testify in litigation matters related to economics and finance. We combine in-depth industry experience, rigorous analyses, and principled techniques to answer complex economic and financial questions for our clients.

Economic consultants tend to be more quantitative than other types of consultants in that we apply statistical methods, econometric analysis, and problem-solving skills to address our client’s needs. For example, we may be hired to assess the damages in a case where one company has caused economic harm to another through a breach of contract or patent infringement. Or we may be hired by a utility company to advise on a long-term integrated resource plan to ensure the utility’s sustainability. The cases on which we work cover a broad spectrum of issues, are often complex, and require a high level of analytical skill as well as the ability to communicate this complex information to an audience that is typically not composed of other economists.

Who are Brattle's clients?

Our clients include many of the world's best-performing and high profile companies, law firms, and industry organizations as well as U.S. and international regulatory and government agencies. We have worked for more than 80 of the top 100 law firms and 50 of the Fortune 100 companies.

What is the ideal profile for a Brattle employee?

While we hire people with many different backgrounds, the common thread for everyone is a love of intellectually challenging work and a dedication to getting things right. Additionally, ideal candidates are committed to providing excellent client service, team oriented, intellectually curious, fun to work with, and able to build and maintain professional relationships while thriving in a fast paced, dynamic environment.

How do I submit a résumé?

Please visit the Current Openings section of our website, where you will see a listing of all open positions throughout the firm. You will be able to create a profile and submit a resume, as well as any other documents requested.

What can I expect during the interview process?

You can expect to meet with a variety of team members throughout your interview process. We want to give you the best possible opportunity to get to know Brattle, and of course, we want to get to know you.

Research Analyst candidates will have an initial discussion with one or two people from Brattle either on campus or over the phone. A full day in one of our offices is the next step. You will meet with Principals, Associates, and RAs and will participate in a case exercise. Hiring decisions are typically made shortly after the interview day.

Associate candidates will have an initial discussion with us either on campus, at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association or other recruiting event, or over the phone. You will then spend a day in one of our offices where you will meet with Principals, Associates, and RAs. We will also ask you to present some recent research or project work so we can get to know your work. Hiring decisions are typically made shortly after your visit.

Candidates for our Professional Services team will typically have an initial phone discussion, and then be invited into the office to meet with your potential manager and colleagues, as well as other potential team mates. It is typical to expect at least two in-office interviews.

Do I have a choice in my project assignments?

There are a number of factors that are considered when putting together project teams - experience and skills, availability and other project commitments, and expressed interest in working on a specific type of project. We encourage staff to let us know of their project preferences and try to accommodate them as much as possible. Many staff members have opportunities to work across different practices or industry areas, and even across different offices.

As a new employee, what kind of training will be provided?

We place a high value on staff development. In addition to your new hire orientation, there are a number of other training and mentoring opportunities available to you at the firm. Please visit our Training and Development page to find out more.

Will I have a reporting manager who is responsible for my development?

All employees have a manager or mentor who works with you on your professional development. For members of our Corporate Services team, this is your manager. For members of our consulting team, this is your mentor. Associates are mentored by Principals, and Research Analysts are mentored by Associates. In addition to the formal mentor relationships, you will also develop a number of informal mentoring relationships through your work, which will play a large role in your development.

Will I receive feedback on my performance?

We encourage all employees to frequently seek and give feedback throughout the year. It is a critical component of our commitment to deliver the highest quality work and service to our clients. Once a year (within the first 6 months for new staff), you will receive written feedback on your contributions and performance as well as thoughtful feedback on your development. Mentors and managers use a rigorous process to collect a wide range of information in order to provide you with constructive feedback and guidance in all major aspects of job performance and development.

What are the differences between the Brattle offices?

While all of our offices are similar in terms of the culture, each one has its own local characteristics that give it a unique perspective. Each office has a Principal who serves as the Office Director and is responsible for the local flair. Each office also has a social committee that works with local staff to determine group activities, work diversions, kitchen contents, and other aspects of office life. In each office, you will find staff who work in a variety of areas.

Boston is the headquarters of the firm and our biggest office. It has the largest number of Professional Services staff. Our Washington, DC office is located in Dupont Circle and is our second largest office. San Francisco has grown from just a few people when it opened to a more established location; one that is still growing. It is nestled between the lively Chinatown, North Beach, and SoMa neighborhoods. Our New York office, located in mid-town Manhattan, provides a home base in one of the most important financial and legal markets. We expanded into Toronto in 2015 to better serve our Canadian clients. In Europe, London is our most established and largest European office. It is located in Central London. Our offices in Rome and Madrid are smaller and both are located in the central area of their cities. The staff in the three European offices regularly work together on projects. Most recently, we opened an office in Sydney to support our clients in Australia and the greater Asia-Pacific region.

How will I know what's going on in the firm?

Brattle has an informative intranet where you can find the latest news about firm initiatives or messages from management. We also have a quarterly newsletter and firm-wide meetings which bring us all together for important messages and updates. And, because the firm is relatively small, it is pretty easy to keep up with what’s going on just by talking with colleagues!

Will I have the opportunity to work in more than one Brattle office? How much travel is expected? Can I work in an international office?

Most Brattle consultants below the Principal level travel infrequently, spending most of their time in their home office. However, because there are always opportunities to work across offices, each office is outfitted with state of the art video conferencing technologies which allow for ease in communications. Travel is often related to client meetings, depositions, or trials and some travel may be required from time to time when working cross-office.

Staff may be sent to work in an international office or visit a client in another country from time to time, but this is not typical. Longer international assignments are rare as working internationally often requires special work authorizations.

Does Brattle sponsor visas for foreign nationals?

Brattle will sponsor visas for foreign nationals who meet the requirements of the position and visa process.

Does Brattle have an internship program?

Brattle typically hires Research Analyst and Associate interns for summer opportunities. On occasion, we hire interns in the Professional Services areas as well as interns who are able to work in the fall and spring. Please check the Current Openings to submit application materials.