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You’re on the cusp of completing your current degree and want to gain some real-world experience in economic consulting. At Brattle, our summer programs were created to give individuals currently seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree exposure to economic consulting. The goal is to aid in the future development of your career path following graduation.

Why spend your summer at Brattle?

Our summer programs allow Research Analyst interns and summer Associates to work on real cases to gain invaluable experience in economic consulting. Working with internationally-recognized experts and collaborating with fellow Brattle staff of all levels, you will learn more about the integral work that Brattle performs, and gain insight on where your passions lie.

Brattle provides an environment in which dedication to client and project success, individual professional development, and fun are at the forefront. The work environment is casual, the atmosphere is collegial, and there are numerous opportunities to connect with staff at all levels.

What We Look For

Research Analyst Intern Candidates

Deepen your skillset and deliver impactful results.

    • Rising seniors pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative discipline: economics, math, finance, engineering, or a related field
    • Strong academic performance
    • Great team skills
    • Intellectual curiosity and quickness
    • A high degree of ownership and commitment

At Brattle, Research Analyst interns join our consulting teams and work side-by-side with industry experts to solve important issues for our clients. Our summer interns leave the program with a strong professional network, hands-on experience, and a broader skillset.

Summer Associate Candidates

Do meaningful work and mold your future.

  • Currently one to two years away from completing a PhD OR first-year MBA candidates concentrating in economics, finance, accounting, engineering, or a related field
  • Strong quantitative analysis skills
  • Previous work experience
  • Proficiency in Excel
  • A desire to work with a team
  • Intellectual curiosity and problem solving skills

Brattle’s summer Associates gain exposure to the professional services industry, while working alongside highly motivated and energetic team members of all levels. Through the summer Associate role, you will further develop your research skills and better understand the process of conducting comprehensive research and effectively communicating your findings to the client.

If you are interested in joining our team, please check our Current Openings.

Meet Our Interns

At Brattle, every day is different. Our work environment allows individuals to drive their professional development, while making a direct impact on their projects. Check out the profiles of some of our previous RA interns and summer associates.

Andrea Kwan

Before Brattle
At Brattle
After Brattle

I attended UC Berkeley, where I majored in economics and operations research and management science (ORMS). Outside of the classroom, I was part of a missions team our church sent to Cambodia and Thailand, where we supported local organizations that rescue and restore victims of sex trafficking. I was also involved in a business club with 100+ members and 7 different project teams. The focus for leadership was to create programs for effective mentorship, and prepare members for various post-grad business careers. There, I served as president among various other non-leadership roles, including club videographer and social chair.

My Experience as an Intern

I knew that I was interested in a job that was project-based, team-oriented, and would expose me to a variety of industries. Economic consulting stood out among other types of consulting because of its academic nature. I loved being able to apply something I learned in the classroom directly to a job after college. Brattle is the perfect size: big enough that it attracts a lot of interesting, high-impact cases, yet small enough to provide enough room for RAs to craft their own experience.

My coursework and extracurricular activities exposed me to basic data manipulation and analysis techniques, many of which I use daily at Brattle. However, what was most satisfying was being able to utilize visualization tools I picked up in my operations research (OR) classes. In college, we learned to use graphics to visualize processes, database structures, and relationships between entities. While I found these topics interesting, I was pleasantly surprised by just how useful these skills turned out to be. In one of my first projects with Brattle , I was tasked with analyzing human resources data of a multi-national conglomerate. Programs I was exposed to in my OR classes enabled me to manipulate the large data sets and present information in an intuitive manner. Some of the graphics I created were attached to the expert reports as exhibits.

My Experience as a Research Analyst

Entering my third year at Brattle, I still feel that I am constantly learning. I’ve taken a more generalist approach to my work by exploring cases in different practice areas and maintaining a balance between qualitative and quantitative tasks, and I love the exposure it has given me. Working on a variety of cases also means juggling competing deadlines, teams with different working styles, and the need to switch gears quickly. These are all valuable skills I’m glad to be able to develop at Brattle.

I’ve found other Brattlers to be not only smart, but also friendly, caring, and helpful. Recently, while on a call with an Associate in another office whom I’ve never met in person, we had a conversation about my development goals as a senior RA. My colleague immediately offered kind advice and invited me to call her whenever I needed someone to talk to. This is just one of many more examples, and I am glad to be surrounded by senior staff who genuinely care about my development.

I didn’t expect to find some of my closest friends here. My colleagues are people who I genuinely enjoy being around, and we frequently spend time together outside of work. Some highlights include Halloween events in theme parks, skiing in Tahoe, and even just exploring famous restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. I feel fortunate to have met a group of interesting, intelligent, and driven people who genuinely care about each other at work and outside of work!

Over the past year, I’ve been involved in Brattle’s pro bono efforts in utilizing our expertise to further social causes. This type of work I find incredibly meaningful, and is an area I hope to continue to focus on. Brattle puts you in a great support network. Utilize your buddies, your mentors, your peers, and other people you meet in the firm! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, seek advice, and/or express your concerns.

Brattle is a great launching pad for a variety of different pursuits. Within the last year, I’ve had friends who went on to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics, a Master’s in Energy and Resources, work as a data scientist in a large tech company, and become a stand-up comedian/freelance data analyst. Similarly, Associates and Principals come with a variety of backgrounds. There are so many people to talk to who have had diverse experiences and even more diverse interests – Brattle is a great place to be for new graduates fresh out of college who are exploring different options and just starting to figure out the rest of their careers.

"Brattle is the perfect size: big enough that it attracts a lot of interesting, high-impact cases, yet small enough to provide enough room for RAs to craft their own experience."
- Andrea Kwan, UC Berkeley

Anna Blatz

Before Brattle
At Brattle
After Brattle

I studied mathematics and management science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). My economics and computer science classes fascinated me as well. Outside of the classroom, I gathered and analyzed data to better comprehend language development patterns of children with autism. I was also a member of the Asian American Association, served as Publicity Chair for a student volunteer organization that planned events for youth with learning and developmental disabilities, and was an active member of the Panhellenic Community. Along with planning events for my own sorority, I was a member of the Panhellenic Executive Board, where I selected and trained Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors to help women go through the recruitment process and choose the sorority that was right for them.

My Experience as an Intern

I first joined Brattle as an RA Intern during the summer before my senior year of college. The months I spent interning at Brattle were some of the best of my life. I knew that I had found the perfect niche. Early on during the interview process, I talked to a Principal and an Associate about their work with analyzing nutritional data. The study focused on the correlation between the change in nutritional patterns and the obesity epidemic. On the first day of my internship, I asked to be put on the project. Ever since, I have been completely captivated by this pursuit. One of the highlights of my senior year at MIT was when I saw my name in the “Special Thanks” section of a paper published by Brattle.

Additionally, as an intern I participated in the development of a complex model while working on a litigation case analyzing the financial crisis. I worked with a large team and appreciated the supportive environment. Every one of my teammates, from intern to principal, contributed to my learning experience. My direct supervisor served as both a mentor and teammate. He made sure that I was always challenged and stimulated by the work. After receiving my full-time RA offer, I did not hesitate to accept. I loved my teams, I loved the work, and I loved the entire culture of Brattle.

My Experience as a Research Analyst

As an RA, I have had the opportunity to work on transfer pricing, bankruptcy, tax evasion, big data, branding, and mortgage cases. I have also worked with various types of clients, from the government, to Fortune 500 companies, to extremely big names in the financial industry. Within my first month, I was given the opportunity to speak on a one-on-one basis with a client. My role allows me to work on all aspects of a case. One day I may be performing data analysis in R, the next day I am identifying key documents and directly conversing with the client about my analysis. Some of my favorite projects that I have been a part of are the non-client projects. I have analyzed data to publish papers, developed an app for a data manipulation competition, and joined a team to create an internal Brattle document review program.

One unique aspect of Brattle is that the employees are also completely approachable. I always feel comfortable asking questions and making jokes. My favorite part of working on teams is that often, I am working directly with just one other Associate and Principal. I never feel as if I am “working for” my teammates.

My coworkers and I also frequently spend time together outside of work. We get huge groups together for all types of activities. We have ventured to exotic restaurants, watched the World Cup at a sports bar, and spent time together on the local rooftop bar. One of the highlights of the Brattle experience is that Associates and Principals join in on the fun as well.

As of now, I hope to go back to school for an MBA or Master’s in Operations Research to further my knowledge in economic consulting. Though I am not completely sure which path I want to follow, I am confident that my coworkers at Brattle will help me figure out the right course over the next few years. My coworkers are constantly offering kind and helpful advice on programs, different schools, and alternative career paths. It is comforting to know that my coworkers will be there for me to help make these tough decisions. Whether I am getting advice on the best GRE classes or the subtle differences between the Harvard and Stanford’s MBA programs, I feel comforted knowing that I can go to accomplished and forthright coworkers for advice.

"Within my first month, I was given the opportunity to speak on a one-on-one basis with a client."
- Anna Blatz, MIT

George Velonias

Before Brattle
At Brattle
After Brattle

I studied economics and math at Brandeis. Outside of the classroom, I worked as a research assistant applying econometric techniques to forecast bond returns. I enjoyed this so much that I wrote a thesis where I dove deeper into this subject and other techniques that applied MIDAS regressions. During the school year, I also worked as a teaching assistant in the economics department, was a Greek language tutor, and was an avid member of the squash club e-board.

I was introduced to economic consulting by a professor of mine. My work as a research assistant stirred my passion for economic theory, coding, and statistics. I applied for the Research Analyst internship looking for a collaborative environment where I could pursue my interest in research-based economics and continue working closely with economists. Reading through the past cases on the Brattle website and speaking with current analysts, I was intrigued by the diverse casework and exposure to cases across many different fields.

My Experience as an Intern

Brattle stood out to me as a leader in the economic consulting field with a reputation for producing high-quality work. Unsure of what I wanted to focus on while at Brattle, I enjoyed the freedom I had to explore in the litigation and finance group. Most importantly, however, I was drawn to Brattle because of the culture. Brattlers are exceptionally friendly and jump at opportunities to help their fellow colleagues.

As an intern I felt that all my contributions to team discussions and ideas for solutions were well-received, even when, due to my inexperience they might have been misinformed. Senior consulting staff value analysts’ opinions particularly due to our proximity to the data of the project. Brattle’s flat organizational structure allows Research Analysts and interns to constantly take on new responsibilities and never feel pigeonholed into a certain task or role. It comes naturally to say I’m working with senior consulting staff rather than working for. Accepting my full-time offer after my internship was an easy decision.

My Experience as a Research Analyst

In my time as a Research Analyst I have had the opportunity to work on cases involving market manipulation, valuation, securities, tax disputes, and big data. I have been able to build upon my economics, mathematics, and computer science coursework as well as research experience analyzing data and building models. I am also encouraged to take an active role in solving overarching conceptual questions. This often involves investigative research.

The work we do at Brattle can be challenging. In fact, I have worked on tasks where I was entirely unsure of how to proceed. Knowing that I have a strong support system of co-workers to reach out to when I’m stuck has allowed me to tackle challenges that I would not be able to otherwise. My buddy provided me with an indispensable contact to answer common new hire questions, from how to forecast my time to how to manage competing project deadlines. My buddy helped me adjust to my role as a Research Analyst more quickly. In addition to providing my review information my mentor has served as an invaluable sounding board for longer-term plans at Brattle and beyond.

My analytical, coding, and writing skills have grown immensely since working at Brattle. I never expected to have this much responsibility or thought I would be communicating directly with clients at this stage in my professional career. One of the great aspects of being an analyst at Brattle is that we are not limited into any given type of work or responsibility. You might end up specializing in an area that you never expected to find interesting or continuing to explore new types of work throughout your journey as a Brattle Research Analyst.

Through my time with Brattle I have discovered even more subjects that I am interested in and career paths I may want to pursue. Whatever I decide, I am confident that I will have the support of former and current Brattlers in pursuing my next steps.

* George is now a Senior Research Analyst at Brattle

"My analytical, coding, and writing skills have grown immensely since working at Brattle. I never expected to have this much responsibility or thought I would be communicating directly with clients at this stage in my professional career."
- George Velonias, Senior Research Analyst at Brattle

Joelle Feinberg

Before Brattle
At Brattle

I majored in applied mathematics and economics at Brown University, focusing on mathematical finance. While at Brown, I was a member of the cross country and the track and field teams. I also held leadership roles in the Brown Entrepreneurship Program, the Food Recovery Network, and Spoon University.

In the summer following my junior year of college, I wanted to apply concepts I had learned in the classroom to real-world problems, further develop my quantitative and qualitative skills, and broaden my intellectual curiosities. Brattle allowed me to do all of this in a collaborative and academic environment.

My Experience as an Intern

The Brattle internship experience provides a good balance of structure and flexibility. It was exciting to be staffed on projects and trusted to do work analogous to that of a full-time employee. I also had the chance to develop personal growth goals with a mentor and see them through, one of which was learning R programming.

As an intern, I researched carbon policy, worked on an ongoing transportation case, and was able to assist with the upstart of a new utilities case. It was incredible to have a sense of importance and value in the work I produced, at times employing my knowledge of Monte Carlo simulations or regression models that had previously been limited to the classroom setting.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to work with consultants from all levels. There were several instances where I reported directly to a principal. Fellow analysts were more than willing to lend a helping hand along the way, often nostalgic of the time they had encountered the same obstacle with an Excel formula or were intimidated by the Bloomberg terminal.

My Experience as a Research Analyst

I was surprised to find the transition from academia to the workplace natural and welcoming. At Brattle, I am inspired by the people I work with and am passionate about the work I produce. Most unique is Brattle’s challenging and stimulating work within a culture of support and growth.

*Joelle is now a  Senior Research Analyst at Brattle

"I was surprised to find the transition from academia to the workplace natural and welcoming. At Brattle, I am inspired by the people I work with and passionate about the work I produce."
- Joelle Feinberg, Senior Research Analyst at Brattle

Raghav Saraogi

Before Brattle
At Brattle

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in finance and statistics at NYU’s Stern School of Business. I was involved in a range of extracurricular activities, from the creation of a nonprofit to leading student organizations. I am passionate about the cause for accessibility to quality education in India and to this end, I founded a nonprofit called Jazz Hands. This organization creates English education opportunities for middle school students in India who would not typically have access to quality education. I also helped lead the NYU Social Impact Council and NYU Market Society. In these clubs, I helped match students with relevant service and professional opportunities.

I first learned about Brattle through a professor at NYU whom I was working with. Through my work with her, and her understanding of my interests, she suggested that I explore opportunities with Brattle I felt that the RA intern role would allow me to explore my field of interest, economics, from a real-world perspective and help me better understand my own level of interest in the field.

My Experience as an Intern

Brattle offered me a chance to learn about rigorous economic analyses that are not common outside of academia. As someone who is interested in a career in research, Brattle is an ideal stepping stone. The exposure to real-world problems, data, and experts in the field allowed me to gain a distinctive perspective that would aid my future research endeavors.

During my interviews for the role, and then during my time as an intern, I quickly learned that Brattle’s work culture and environment would be a good fit. My co-workers take a genuine interest in their work and this creates a rare environment of people that are intellectually curious and easy to learn from. As an intern, I truly valued the opportunity to collaborate with others on each of my projects, and this continuously helped me build further life skills of working in teams and project management.

Working together with other Research Analysts was instrumental in helping me learn and receive the most out of my time as an intern. An important facet of my internship was the time I spent brainstorming with my project teams. I enjoyed these opportunities because it allowed me to study how senior consultants thought through complex problems. Eventually I was able to meaningfully contribute to the collective thought process of the teams and I was able to explore other data analysis techniques. These techniques aided in my academic research for both my thesis in my senior year, and my role as a research assistant for a professor.

My Experience as a Research Analyst

I maintained very candid relationships with the Research Analysts I worked with. Not only did they help me with project work and navigating the firm, but they also shaped my summer outside of work. We had many outings together and they really made me feel at home in a city that I was completely new to. The associates and principals I interacted with also took genuine interest in shaping my summer in a meaningful way. The people I interacted with the most during the internship formed a support system for me that I could rely upon and be very transparent with regarding any questions or concerns, and openly push back against ideas that I found questionable in project meetings. They were always open to questions about work as well my career more broadly. I cherish the relationships that I built as an intern and continue to keep in touch with these people as a full-time RA even though I am now in a different office.

"My co-workers take a genuine interest in their work and this creates a rare environment of people that are intellectually curious and easy to learn from."
- Raghav Saraogi, NYU's Stern School of Business

Yong Paek

Before Brattle
At Brattle

I received my PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. My field was in empirical industrial organization. I sought some exposure to what an economist’s job looked like outside of academia. It is common for economics departments to focus their efforts on academic job placements, leading to an imbalanced level of information and guidance among different types of jobs. Through the application process, everyone at Brattle was very friendly and inclusive.

My Experience as an Intern

Working at Brattle over the summer was overall an enjoyable experience for me. There were some late nights and weekends, but I felt it was a team effort which made it all the better. I had opportunities to read about industries that I did not have exposure to previously.

The other work I was involved in focused heavily on industrial organization, more specifically competition and antitrust. This was great because this is exactly where my interests lie. One of the most fascinating analyses I was involved in was doing regression analyses with matching to understand the impact a potential merger may have on parties bargaining power.

I was able to work with other consultants from all levels. I was given the opportunity to talk to principals and research analysts as needed. I think the people at Brattle and the way the firm is structured both ensures this. I got to know the people I worked with quite well, and have hung out with them outside of work on multiple occasions.

My Experience as a Research Analyst

I think Brattle does a great job of fostering communication and relationships across offices. The technology and streamlining of corporate services definitely makes it very convenient to work with people that are physically far away.

Ultimately, my summer helped me to realize how interesting and curiosity-driven a non-academic job in economics can be. This was eventually what helped me make my decision to come back to Brattle.

*Yong is now an Associate at Brattle

"I had opportunities to read about industries that I had never thought about and these opportunities and learning experiences would not have come up if I didn't work at Brattle over the summer."
- Yong Paek, Associate at Brattle