Brattle has consistently been recognized as one of the best consulting firms to work for on the Vault/Firsthand Consulting rankings.

On the 2023 Vault Consulting 50, The Brattle Group was ranked among the top 25 consulting firms and was one of the highest-ranked economic consulting firms on the list.

Brattle was also recognized on several other Vault lists in 2023: Most Prestigious Consulting Firms and Best Consulting Firms for Energy Consulting, both of which are determined by ratings from consultants at competing firms; Best Boutique Consulting Firms, recognizing the best small, mid-size, and specialist consulting firms; and rankings focused on formal training, benefits, and internal mobility; and Best Consulting Firms in Asia-Pacific for Diversity.

The Vault rankings are based on employee responses to survey questions regarding firm culture, work/life balance, overall satisfaction, compensation, overall business outlook, ability to challenge, and promotion policies. The rankings consider North American consulting firms of all types, not just economic consulting, and include responses from employees from a wide group of consulting firms.

Here is what our employees had to say about Brattle:

“Brattle has an incredibly flat structure for project work, which for me, means that I’m often working directly with principals who respect, value, and trust my input. In turn, I recognize that I am expected to produce a certain quality of work and learn at a particular pace that lets me contribute. These forces, hand-in-hand, lead to some incredibly collaborative work.”

“Brattle is a place where everyone tries to make you feel welcome and encouraged in your work. The work is challenging and intellectually stimulating and that keeps the job interesting. Although the people are what sets this place apart, it’s incredibly inspiring to work with so many smart people. You learn from each other and that makes this place something special.”

“All Brattle employees have several ‘mentors’ that vary in their level of formality. Given this large pool of resources, there’s someone to turn to about any question or issue that might arise. My mentors have all been helpful, friendly, and good examples of model employees.”

“I think the people at Brattle make a difference. Brattle is a small enough firm that you get to meet most people in the same office, as well as meet the consultants in the other offices. They are genuinely nice, smart, curious, and hard-working and the best part about working here. Analysts get a lot of responsibility and have some agency in how they contribute and what they do on a daily basis.”

“Brattle genuinely cares about the well-being of its employees. We focus on improving our employees with formal and informal training, as well as career mentoring. We have company-sponsored quarterly lunches with our buddies, mentors, the office director, among many other opportunities to voice our concerns, which are taken seriously. Work is very interesting and colleagues are very supportive and highly skilled.”