An expert in air transport economics, Mr. Ricover has nearly three decades of experience working on aviation-related projects around the world.

Mr. Ricover is an expert in aviation policy, air traffic forecasting, regulation, market access and competition issues, business due diligence, valuation analysis, and more. He has advised airlines, airports, policy makers, regulators, and air navigation service providers, investors, and financial institutions and has worked in nearly 100 countries on behalf of major consultancy firms, operators, governments, and all the major development banks. He has been an advisor to the World Bank Group for over 25 years.

As an expert witness, Mr. Ricover has provided written and oral testimony in numerous cases involving airlines or airports. He has been involved in several financial and traffic studies related to policy setting and infrastructure development, and provided consultation services related to the design, formulation, and review of aviation policies and regulatory frameworks.

Mr. Ricover coauthored A Decision-Makers Guide to Public Private Partnerships in Airports, and he is a regular speaker at conferences and trainings for universities and airport authorities.


Master of Business Administration

BA in Economics

BA in Business Administration