Dr. Celebi provides expertise in electricity markets and the analysis of environmental and climate policy.

He has testified and consulted primarily in the areas of electricity spot pricing and market design, and has experience in developing and analyzing climate policies, LMP modeling, generation plant valuation, and competitive implications of mergers.

Dr. Celebi wrote his PhD thesis on the analysis of incentives and regulation to provide transmission capacity in deregulated electricity markets. His recent engagements include estimating economic damages in energy contracts, valuations of coal-fired and gas-fired power plants, impacts of environmental regulations on power markets, cost/benefit assessment of RTO membership to electric utilities, and nodal pricing simulations in the US electric markets. He has provided testimony in regulatory cases involving the impact of coal plant retirements on wholesale energy prices, LMP simulations in PJM, and allocation of certain ancillary services costs among market participants in ERCOT.

Dr. Celebi is a frequent speaker at energy conferences on topics such as coal plant retirements and environmental policies.


Boston College, PhD in Economics

Bilkent University, MA in Economics

METU, Turkey, BSc in Industrial Engineering

Personal Interests

Metin enjoys playing basketball and billiards on occasion, and practices tae kwon do regularly.


May 27, 2021

Before the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, Prepared Direct Testimony on behalf of Wisconsin Power and Light Company re: appropriateness of WPL continuing to recover as a regulatory asset the undepreciated past investments at the Edgewater 5 coal unit after its proposed retirement in 2022.

March 7, 2019

Before the Quebec Energy Board, Prepared Direct Testimony on behalf of Hydro-Québec Trans-Énergie re: transmission investment categories and treatment of transmission losses in evaluating transmission investments.

May 1, 2018

Before the Public Service Commission of Kentucky, Prepared Direct Testimony on behalf of Big Rivers Electric Corporation re: economic viability of Station Two coal plant

April 23, 2018, April 27, 2018

Before the United States District Court Eastern District of Missouri Eastern Division, Expert Report on behalf of Ameren Missouri re: impacts of proposed mandates to install emission control equipment at Rush Island coal plant on revenue requirements and economic viability of the plant, Case No. 4:11 CV77 RWS