Dr. Celebi provides expertise in electricity markets, resource planning, and analysis of environmental and climate policy.

He has consulted primarily in the areas of electricity litigation and regulatory disputes, including on the economic viability of coal-fired and nuclear power plants, wholesale power pricing, and market design. Dr. Celebi has experience in developing and analyzing federal and state climate policies, environmental regulations, LMP modeling, generation plant valuation, and transmission cost allocation.

Dr. Celebi has provided expert testimony in a number of cases, including ones estimating economic damages in energy contract disputes, assessing the impact of mandates to install emission control equipment on economic viability of a coal plant; economic viability of coal plants and recovery of undepreciated past investments; transmission cost allocation; a longterm power contract dispute in California; the impact of coal plant retirements on wholesale energy prices in MISO; causes of locational marginal price (LMP) spikes in PJM; and the allocation of ancillary services costs among market participants in ERCOT.


Boston College, PhD in Economics

Bilkent University, MA in Economics

METU, Turkey, BSc in Industrial Engineering

Hebrew University, Summer School in Economic Theory on Auctions and Market Design

Personal Interests

Metin enjoys playing basketball and billiards on occasion, and practices tae kwon do regularly.


July 25,2022

Before the District Court 165th Judicial District, Harris County, Texas, prepared expert report on behalf of Peaker Power, LLC re: economic damages from the counterparty’s violation of the Heat Rate Call Option contracts by exceeding the annual cap on exercise hours during Storm Uri in February 2021.

February 4, 2022, March 25,2022

Before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, prepared answering testimony on behalf of Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. re: the appropriate approach to determine the contract termination payment from a departing member.

January 14, 2022

Before the US District Court for the Western District of North Carolina Charlotte Division, direct and rebuttal expert reports on behalf of NTE Energy re: discounts provided by Duke Energy Progress (DEP) to City of Fayetteville in its wholesale power supply contract and the impacts on competition as well as on rates being charged to DEP’s other wholesale and retail customers (January 14, 2022, February 18, 2022)

May 27, 2021

Before the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, Prepared Direct Testimony on behalf of Wisconsin Power and Light Company re: appropriateness of WPL continuing to recover as a regulatory asset the undepreciated past investments at the Edgewater 5 coal unit after its proposed retirement in 2022.