Mr. Pfleiderer, the C.O.G. Miller Distinguished Professor of Finance at Standford University’s Graduate School of Business, is an expert in market microstructure, asset allocation, corporate governance, and the regulation of financial institutions.

His early research was primarily focused on issues arising in financial markets when traders are asymmetrically informed. In pursuing that research, he developed theoretical models that analyze how information is incorporated in prices through trading and how information flows determine trading volume. He also analyzed how information is sold to investors when the value of the information is reduced the more widely it is disseminated. In other research he studied problems involved in measuring active funds’ performance, contracting concerns in venture financing, and policy issues related to disclosure requirements. His most recent research addresses issues in corporate governance and the regulation of banks and other financial institutions.

In addition to his academic research, Professor Pfleiderer has consulted for various corporations and banks, and has been involved in developing risk models and optimization software for use by portfolio managers.