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Sarah Hamilton is an associate at The Brattle Group with experience working on antitrust, tax, and big data cases. She graduated from MIT with a degree in economics.

The Social and Economic Contributions of the Life Insurance Industry
September 2020
David Cummins, Michael I. Cragg, Bin Zhou, Jehan deFonseka , and Sarah Hamilton
Funded by MetLife, Inc.

A 2018 whitepaper that has been updated to include new statistics through April 2020 discussing the role of life insurance as a critical driver of economic growth that helps provide stability for the U.S. economy while delivering financial protection to millions of American families.

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September 21, 2020
Updated Report by Brattle Economists Finds That the Life Insurance Industry Continues to Drive Economic Growth and Promote Stability

Brattle economists have conducted another critical review of the life insurance industry statistics as of April 2020, publishing a new “The Social and Economic Contributions of the Life Insurance Industry” report in September 2020.