Event: Sophomore Consulting Exploratory Program: A Day in the BHive
The Brattle Group
Saturday, May 14
Half-day Workshop

Brattle’s Sophomore Consulting Exploratory Program, A Day in the BHive, is a professional development experience designed to help undergraduates completing their second year learn more about how they could apply the economic, finance, policy, computer science, and/or engineering concepts from the classroom to a career path in economic consulting. A Day in the BHive will demystify the industry of economic consulting and clarify how it is different from other types of consulting.

Participants will learn about a day in the life of an economic consultant, as well as learn academic tips and interview techniques from consulting staff and Brattle’s talent acquisition team. If selected, this program can be highlighted on your resume to let future employers know you are driven and eager to apply your skills in a professional setting.

Applications for the program are due April 22.

Learn more and apply here