The Brattle Group has been recognized as a leading firm of experts in international arbitration by Global Arbitration Review (GAR).

Ranked sixth on the publication’s latest power index, Brattle was recognized for the number of hearings in which its experts served, the value of claims in cases to which they are appointed, and for being frequently chosen in billion-dollar arbitrations.

Brattle’s consulting experts have been involved in international arbitrations since the inception of the firm in 1990. Over the course of the last two years, the period studied by GAR for its rankings, Brattle has worked on 27 hearings with an average claim value of $1.2 billion, including arbitrations involving banking, construction, mining, oil and gas, power, retail, and telecommunication in both investor-state and commercial matters.

“We are delighted by GAR’s continuous recognition of our work and our success in some of the largest and most complex arbitrations,” remarked Alexis Maniatis, Brattle President and member of the international arbitration practice. “I am especially proud of our team’s commitment to quality and independence, and the balance we strike between our work on behalf of claimants and respondents, which reflects our credibility with tribunals.”

Leveraging the methodology of the GAR 30 rankings, the publication used “the hearing” as a measure to determine how active a particular firm has been. To assess the number of hearings accumulated by a firm, the average value of those hearings, and the median value of those hearings, GAR surveyed law firms, which ensures the measures are third-party validated.

To learn more about Brattle’s international arbitration expertise, click here. For more information on the GAR analysis, please visit their website.