A recent Utility Dive article cites findings from a Brattle report evaluating the factors driving investment in hydrogen as a low-carbon alternative fuel or energy carrier.

The article, “Hydrogen could compete with natural gas by 2030, but there’s a catch: report,” highlights the report findings that, thanks to existing policy support and tax credits, hydrogen may play a bigger-than-expected role and be cost-competitive with natural gas in future energy markets. Both green and blue hydrogen could play a role; green hydrogen is produced using water and renewable electricity, while blue hydrogen is derived from natural gas with the addition of carbon capture. Brattle Principal Frank Graves was interviewed for the article and noted that, “although potentially more costly than green hydrogen, blue hydrogen may become the more prevalent product in many US markets.”

The Brattle report, “Emerging Economics of Hydrogen Production,” was authored by Mr. Graves, Senior Associate Josh Figueroa, Energy Associate Ragini Sreenath, Senior Energy Analyst Jadon Grove, Senior Research Analyst Lorenzo Sala, and outside expert Stephen Thumb.

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