A recent Brattle-authored report prepared for GridLab estimating the market potential for virtual power plant (VPP) deployment in California has been featured by several media outlets, including Utility Dive S&P Global, Forbes, and Canary Media, among others.

The Utility Dive article, “Virtual power plant adoption could save California ratepayers $550M annually: Brattle report,” focuses on how, if VPP adoption is scaled in the state, it will result in significant savings for electricity consumers over the next decade. The article highlights several findings from Brattle’s report, including its spotlight on emerging VPP programs that could help California reach its 2035 VPP potential.

The S&P Global article, “California weighs virtual power plant mandate; 7.7 GW of potential seen by 2035,” puts the report’s findings in the context of new policies that may be needed to remove barriers to mass VPP deployment. The article highlights the report’s recommendation for innovation in practices to engage customers in VPP participation, as well as the need to improve the ability of utilities and third-party aggregators to monetize the full value of VPPs.

Principal Ryan Hledik was interviewed for both articles.

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The full report, California’s Virtual Power Potential: How Five Consumer Technologies Could Improve the State’s Energy Affordability, was authored by Mr. Hledik, Energy Research Associate Kate Peters, and Energy Analyst Sophie Edelman.