A report authored by Brattle principal Dan Harris and senior associate José Antonio García demonstrating that the planned construction of a regasification plant in Huelva, Spain meets the criteria required to qualify for an exemption from regulated Third Party Access (TPA), was cited in a recent article of the Spanish newspaper, Cinco Días.

The article discusses how the so-called ENERGAS LNG Terminal, commissioned by Grupo Villar Mir, is currently under review by the Spanish National Energy Commission (CNE). The LNG facility is part of a larger energy complex that comprises the ENERGÁS regasification plant, two 400 MW combined-cycle units for power generation from natural gas, and port berths for two methane tankers. The ENERGÁS LNG project involves a total investment of about 1000 million euros. If approved, the project would be the first regasification plant exempted from regulated TPA in Spain.

The Brattle Group was commissioned by Grupo Villar Mir to prepare an independent analysis that discusses the five tests required to qualify for an exemption from regulated TPA.