The objective of this Report is to explore the potential for addressing developing country emissions at scale through bilateral „Joint Commitment Framework Agreements‟ (JCFA). To provide a realistic context, this exploration focuses on the potential to reduce the growth of coal-based emissions in the Chinese power sector through large-scale collaboration between European and Chinese enterprises. Essentially, this Report explores the proposition that under a Sino-European JCFA, European companies will be more likely to collaborate with Chinese enterprises, to transfer and develop low carbon technologies and know-how that will help to achieve jointly agreed carbon emission reductions in the Chinese power sector. Specifically, we focus on exploring the likelihood of an agreement that could unlock the potential for a significant increase in the production of electricity from wind. It is important to point out from the outset that this sort of strategic collaboration under a bilateral agreement is complementary to, and indeed reinforces, the UN-sponsored multilateral climate change regime.

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Addressing Large Developing Country Emissions: The Case for Strategic Sino-European Collaboration under Joint Commitments