Brattle consultants have authored a report for Nuclear Powers Maryland on the environmental and economic impacts of the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in southern Maryland.

The Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant produces the majority of Maryland’s clean energy and offers a number of material economic benefits. In the report, the authors present and analyze several future scenarios to assess the respective implications of each scenario in terms of emissions, customer costs, and economic impacts. If the Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant were to close, significantly less emission-free power would be generated, resulting in more fossil generation and emissions. The loss of supply would likely cause wholesale power prices in Maryland and throughout the surrounding region to rise.

The authors concluded that existing nuclear power and renewable energy should be viewed as complementary clean technologies, rather than competitors or substitutes for one another, and that maintaining existing nuclear plants – including the Calvert Cliffs plant – can help facilitate the transition to a decarbonized energy future.

The full report, “Environmental and Economic Impacts of the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant,” was prepared by Principals Dr. Dean Murphy and Dr. Mark Berkman, Electricity Specialist Oleksandr (Sasha) Kuzura, and Research Analysts Kate Peters, Shivangi Pant, and Xander Bartone.

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