With both mining and oil and gas projects heavily supported by foreign investments, extraction of natural resources is a highly globalized business. This, coupled with the involvement of governments and state-owned companies in many of these large projects, means that these industries are frequently subject to international disputes – both investor-state and commercial – that often involve significant damages claims.

In a recent chapter included in the fifth edition of Global Arbitration Review’s Damages in International Arbitrations Guide, Brattle Principals Darrell Chodorow and Dr. Florin Dorobantu and Associate Dr. Fernando Bañez discuss the landscape for disputes across extraction project life cycles, from prospecting to closure. They present industry-specific characteristics common to many mining and oil and gas disputes, and examine different valuation methods that may be applied to assess project value or damages across a variety of different commodities and project stages.

The full chapter, “Quantum in Oil and Gas and Mining Disputes,” is available below.

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