Spain’s new ambitious climate and energy targets make the country’s energy markets very active and attractive in the coming years. However, recent developments in energy markets worldwide, and the subsequent regulatory interventions in Spain, have increased uncertainty and tempered investors’ confidence.

In a chapter included in the recent 12th edition of The Energy Regulation and Markets Review, Brattle Principals Dr. Pedro Marín and Dr. José Antonio García and Associate Dr. Fernando Bañez provide an in-depth overview of the energy regulation landscape and energy markets in Spain. Since mid-2021, electricity and gas markets have shown a significant increase in prices, which has prompted a response from the Spanish government to intervene in energy markets in order to mitigate the impact on final customers. Additionally, higher energy prices provide an additional incentive to promote energy independence in the European Union, and Spain’s ambitious targets for 2030 and recent regulations and commitments align with this vision.

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