The past few years have seen significant changes in Canadian case law regarding the computation of monetary remedies in intellectual property. Given the increasing complexity of these issues, Brattle economists Andy Harington and Dimitri Dimitropoulos, along with IP attorney Alex Stack, have developed a single, comprehensive resource to summarize the principles and the precedent case law.

Their new book, Calculating Monetary Remedies in Intellectual Property Cases in Canada, serves as a reference to assist those involved in a quantification of monetary remedies by isolating each aspect that may be relevant to a case and focusing on the principles and case law relevant to that aspect, both recent Canadian cases as well as select international case law. This book is a useful guide for attorneys involved in these matters and covers the following topics:

  • The principles of monetary remedies
  • Establishing what the but-for world would have been absent the infringement
  • Quantifying lost profits and/or an accounting of profits
  • Determining the reasonable royalty

If you would like a copy, please contact Andy Harington at or +1 (416) 360-4850.

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Calculating Monetary Remedies in Intellectual Property Cases in Canada