In a recent article for T&D World, “Innovation in Transmission Operation with Advanced Technologies,” Brattle Principal T. Bruce Tsuchida and Senior Consultant Pablo Ruiz discuss how technology innovations in electric power transmission can solve some of the technical and financial challenges caused by the ongoing shift from legacy power plants to renewable resources.

The article uses several case studies to illustrate two types of technology that have allowed for easier and more efficient innovation in transmission operation. The first type generally focuses on producing accurate measurements and projections of transmission operating conditions. The second type focuses on flexible and dynamic control of transmission systems to optimize the existing assets’ operations.

These new technology options allow both for more efficient use of existing transmission lines and for building new lines. Numerous projects and studies have shown that deploying these technology options can provide substantial economic benefits. The authors estimate that average transmission and distribution system operators of 100 kV+ assets could provide economic benefits in the range of ten to one hundred million dollars annually by adopting these new technologies, even before considering the additional benefits of complementing new builds.

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