Brattle has been supporting the City of Los Angeles’s Office of Public Accountability/Ratepayer Advocate (OPA/RPA) in monitoring and reviewing the LA Department of Water and Power’s future planning studies. Most recently, Brattle reviewed LADWP’s latest Strategic Long-Term Resource Plan (SLTRP) that focused on three different paths to achieve 100% greenhouse gas -free power generation by 2035.

The Brattle team’s analysis focused mainly on the rate impacts of the three different paths. They also provided recommendations for future SLTRPs, including:

  • Distinguish scenarios (how the future world evolves) and approaches (actionable items by LADWP)
  • Clarify the purpose and design of scenarios and sensitivities
  • Clarify underlying assumptions, their purpose, and model behavior
  • Improve future processes and involve LADWP subject matter experts from outside the SLTRP team

The full report, “Review of the LADWP 2022 Strategic Long-Term Resource Plan,” was coauthored by Principal T. Bruce Tsuchida and Energy Specialist Sylvia Tang.

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