The OEB’s Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Roadmap sets out a five-point plan to be implemented over the course of the next 3 to 5 years. This multi-year process will undertake a comprehensive revamping of the RPP that will make incremental changes over the course of the plan to provide consumers with an adequate amount of time to adjust to the changes. Through this plan, the OEB intends to redesign the RPP to better respond to policy objectives, improve system efficiency, and give greater consumer control.

As part of the RPP Roadmap, the OEB established a working group with distributors, the IESO and consumer representatives to discuss potential options for price and non-price pilots as part of implementing the OEB’s new RPP policy. These options and the application procedure for the new wave of pilots are described in the OEB Pilot Guidelines.

By incorporating input from the Working Group, the intention of this technical manual is to supplement the OEB Pilot Guidelines by explaining what the OEB’s pilot objectives are, and laying out a framework for LDCs to design, implement and evaluate these pilots. These guidelines lay out the best practices in experimental design, recruitment, survey design and pilot outputs that need to be incorporated into pilot design and implementation, which will differ for the price and non-price pilots.

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OEB Pilot Plan Technical Manual