Brattle principal Peter Fox-Penner recently co-authored the article “Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure for Urban Energy Systems,” which is featured in the October issue of the Solutions journal. The article, co-written by Peter C. Evans of the Center for Global Enterprise, discusses the impact of recent extreme weather events on energy infrastructure.

Extreme weather events resulting from climate change and growing urbanization, such as Hurricane Sandy, are making cities more vulnerable to loss of electric power and overall infrastructure damage and failure. Dr. Fox-Penner stresses the importance of increasing the resiliency of energy systems in an effort known as Resilient-Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions, or “RSI solutions,” including intelligence, redundancy, and coupling and decoupling within networks.

Drs. Evans and Fox-Penner encourage collaborative disaster planning efforts, new types of intelligence, and further investment in RSI solutions. The authors emphasize the importance that governments and planning entities strive for resiliency and sustainability, as well as seeking new innovative solutions, in order to meet the demands of an increasingly urbanized world facing global challenges of climate change.

To read the full article, please visit the Solutions website.

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