On April 15, 2020, the North Carolina Utilities Commission (“NCUC”) issued a final Order Establishing Standard Rates and Contract Terms for Qualifying Facilities in Docket No. E-100, directing Duke to organize and coordinate an independent technical review of the “Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress Solar Integration Service Charge Study” to be undertaken by Astrapé Consulting in 2021 (referred to herein as the “Astrapé Study”). The purpose of the Astrapé Study is to analyze and quantify the costs of the ancillary service impact associated with integrating existing and future solar generation on both the DEC and DEP systems. This solar integration cost is then applied by Duke as Solar Integration Service Charge (“SISC”) to intermittent solar generation facilities requesting to sell power to Duke Energy Carolinas (“DEC”) and Duke Energy Progress (“DEP”) (jointly “the Companies”).

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