In this episode, Dan Harris, Brattle Principal, and Tania Tholot, Brattle Senior Associate, continue their in-depth conversation on the valuation of Russian assets amid economic sanctions.

Building upon their initial discussion, Dan and Tania dive into the complexities of exchange rate risks. They tackle the intricacies of revenue forecasting within the volatile Russian market, spotlighting how currency fluctuations, inflationary pressures, and international economic sanctions interplay to affect asset values.

Throughout the episode, Dan brings his arbitration acumen to the fore, examining the nuanced dynamics of holding structures and the tracing of third-party debts. Tania contributes with her firsthand experience in the valuation of foreign investments in Russia, thoroughly explaining the real-world implications on asset value from an investor’s perspective.

Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the financial modeling challenges that arise under politically strained conditions, with particular emphasis on commodities and their role in valuation considerations. Join Dan and Tania as they synthesize complex economic theories with real-world examples to illuminate the valuation landscape shaped by geopolitical tensions.

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