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March 16, 2011
Ofgem Publishes Two Reports by Brattle Experts Dan Harris and Serena Hesmondhalgh

Brattle principals Dan Harris and Serena Hesmondhalgh recently had two reports published by the Ofgem, the GB energy regulator, in which they assessed the cost-benefit analysis on the P229 ‘zonal losses’ proposal carried out by London Economics and Ventyx (LE/Ventyx). The Brattle Group was asked by Ofgem to analyze and review the work carried out by LE/Ventyx on modifying the Balancing and Settlement Code by introducing a seasonal zonal losses scheme, and to see if any additional quantitative analysis might be required. In their reports, Mr. Harris and Dr. Hesmondhalgh found that the conclusions presented by LE/Ventyx were accurate and based on an appropriate methodology. For more information on Ofgem, please visit their website.