Dr. Kolbe’s work focuses on applied financial economics and his projects address risk, return, and regulatory policy for rate-regulated industries; tax disputes; and firm, security, or project valuation questions in a wide variety of settings.

Clients for this work have included federal, state/provincial, and local government agencies; national research institutes; industry organizations; and private firms in various industries.

Dr. Kolbe is the coauthor of three books and has published a number of articles. He has served as an expert witness in many venues in North America, as well as in The Hague, London, and Melbourne.

Before co-founding The Brattle Group, where he served as President and then Chairman for a number of years, he was a Director of Putnam, Hayes and Bartlett. Before that, he was a Vice President of Charles River Associates. Earlier, he spent 14 years on active duty in the US Air Force.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD in Economics
US Air Force Academy, BS in International Affairs (Economics)

Personal Interests

When not at work, Larry’s happiest times are playing with his grandchildren, Cece and Ian. In recent years, he’s been working on his French via “field trips” to France and Québec and hopes to teach his grandchildren enough French so they can communicate when he and his wife of 43 years take them on vacation to France a few years from now. (Their parents would be welcome to come along too, of course, but the parents’ participation in the trip itself is by no means essential!)