Mr. Levitt is an expert in wholesale electricity policy, with a focus on evolving system needs.

He has worked with a wide variety of stakeholders – including utilities, regional transmission organizations (RTOs), and regulators – to address wholesale electricity policies in light of a changing operational and infrastructure environment. With hands-on expertise in power system processes and operations, he has provided training and consulting for several regional and national utilities.

In the RTO sphere, Mr. Levitt’s experience includes the development of capacity value accreditation rules for renewable and storage; foundational market access rules for hybrids and storage; a new reactive power compensation approach; and an initial design concept for a capacity market overhaul.

As a member of the balloting committee for IEEE Standard 1547-2018, Mr. Levitt offers special expertise in policies that recognize the operational challenges and opportunities associated with the widespread deployment of inverters.

A lecturer in Johns Hopkins University’s Energy Policy and Climate program, Mr. Levitt is also a frequent speaker and panelist at industry conferences. His research has been published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Energy Policy, and he is the co-author of a chapter that appeared in Future of Utilities – Utilities of the Future.

Prior to joining Brattle, Mr. Levitt was Senior Lead Market Designer at PJM, where he led reforms to efficiently and reliably integrate emerging resource types, including capacity market reforms, as well as development of market participation models for hybrid resources, distributed energy resources (DERs), and energy storage resources. He also participated in efforts to study and enhance the provision of essential reliability services from inverter-based resources. Prior to PJM, Mr. Levitt managed vehicle-to-grid R&D projects for a national energy provider.


University of Delaware
MMP, Center for Carbon-Free Power Integration

University of Toronto
BS in Physics


July 14, 2023
Before the Kentucky Public Service Commission, expert testimony on behalf of the Sierra Club and the governments of Lexington and Louisville assessing the effect of PJM membership on the need to procure new capacity to replace retiring generators and meet growing demand (July 14, 2023).
July 23, 2020
Comments of Andrew Levitt, Senior Market Design Specialist, on behalf of PJM Interconnection, FERC Technical Conference on Hybrid Resources, Docket No. AD20-9-000, (July 23, 2020).
April 10, 2018
Comments of Andrew Levitt, Senior Market Design Specialist, on behalf of PJM Interconnection, FERC Technical Conference on Distributed Energy Resources, Docket No. AD18-10-000 (April 10, 2018).