New England states are pursuing significant reduction in electric power sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to meet state policy goals in 2030 to 2050 through a transition of its generation fleet towards renewable energy and other clean energy resources.

To support the clean energy transition, Massachusetts passed HB5060 in 2022 that requires the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and Clean Energy Center (CEC) to:

  • Conduct a study how to optimize the cost-effective deployment and utilization of both new and existing mid-duration (4 – 10 hours) energy storage and long-duration (10+ hours) energy storage (LDES)
  • Investigate the necessity, costs and benefits of requiring distribution companies to conduct solicitations and procurements of up to 4,800 GWh of stored energy from renewable generation delivered to periods of high demand each year

Our report is intended to supplement the DOER/MassCEC energy storage study by demonstrating the scale and timing of mid- to long-duration storage needed in New England and Massachusetts through 2032 and longer-duration resources by 2050.

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