Dr. Levy specializes in microeconomics, econometrics, and statistics. He has managed and supported expert work calculating damages in numerous litigation cases with an emphasis on statistical and econometric issues as well as sample design.

Dr. Levy was recently involved in the LCD-TFT, SRAM, and DRAM antitrust actions in the US as well as antitrust proceedings in Australia. In addition, he was a testifying expert on damages in the SRAM direct-purchaser antitrust matter.

He has supported many top-tier academic experts, including Professor Dan McFadden of the University of California, Berkeley, and Professors Roger Noll and Robert Hall of Stanford University. Dr. Levy was formerly Assistant Professor of Economics at North Carolina State University and a lecturer in econometrics at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Levy has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Labor Economics, the International Journal of Industrial Organization, and Economics Letters.


University of California at Berkeley
PhD in Economics, MA in Statistics, and AB in Applied Mathematics

Personal Interests

Armando was born in San Francisco, where he still lives with his wife and two children. When he is not working he enjoys surfing, vintage cars, and various forms of motorsports.


January 2010-January 2011
SRAM Class Action Antitrust Litigation — U.S. District Court, Northern District of California (Master File No. M:07-cv-01819-CW, MDL No. 1819) Deposition and Expert Reports: Estimated antitrust class action damages for SRAM due to alleged price-fixing collusion
June - August 2009
eBay Class Action Antitrust Litigation — U.S. District Court, Northern District of California (Case No.07-CV-01882-JF (RS)) Deposition and Declaration: Importance and relevance of certain data to estimate microeconomic models useful for market definition, measurement of market power and damages
June 2008
Report submitted before the International Trade Commission — Investigation Nos. 701-TA-447 and 731-TA-1116: An econometric study of the effects of Chinese imports of standard steel pipe
May 2007
Retailer Bankruptcy U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Ohio — Declaration: Offered opinion related to anomalies in a proffered inventory database