Mr. McKnight has over 19 years of experience in economic consulting, providing expert testimony and consulting services in litigation, regulatory proceedings, tax matters, and arbitration pertaining to securities, finance, valuation, bankruptcy, and product liability.

In securities litigation, Mr. McKnight has analyzed class certification, loss causation, and damages related to securities class actions. He has assessed investment risk and portfolio performance; performed event study analyses; analyzed transactions data; and computed damages for stock, option, and bond holders. He has testified in a FINRA arbitration concerning the risk and suitability of an investment in a complex derivative product.

In bankruptcy and commercial disputes, Mr. McKnight has valued companies and business opportunities using discounted cash flow analysis, market multiples, and comparable transactions. He has assessed claims of fraudulent conveyance and breach of fiduciary duty in bankruptcy proceedings and litigation. Mr. McKnight has also analyzed complex commercial transactions to compute damages in commercial disputes and assess economic substance in tax matters. He has testified on liability and damages pertaining to a breach of contract claim between a jewelry manufacturer and a management consulting firm.

In product liability matters, Mr. McKnight has worked with liability forecasts, insurance coverage, and discounted cash flows. He has forecast future liabilities for personal injury claims resulting from exposure to asbestos, silicosis, pollution, and various drugs and medical devices; allocated projected losses to available insurance coverage; and estimated the resulting cash flows. He has also assisted companies in setting liability reserves for financial accounting.

Mr. McKnight holds an MS in Mathematics and an MBA in Finance and Financial Systems & Analytics from New York University.