Dr. Bazzucchi has extensive experience consulting on economic and regulatory issues related to the infrastructure and transportation sectors, including toll roads, airports, and railways.

She has worked on state aid cases before the European Commission, ratemaking proceedings, financial asset valuations, and economic analyses of transportation markets. She has coauthored several reports and whitepapers on the cost of capital of telecom, airport, toll road operators, and utilities; as well as on the increasingly important role in financing infrastructure projects that public-private partnership (PPP) contracts will serve over the coming years.

Among her work in Europe, Dr. Bazzucchi has estimated the cost function of toll-road services and analyzed related economies of scale; implemented methodological advancements for estimating the cost of capital for airports in Italy; and supported the Italian incumbent railway operator on several strategic matters related to regulation. In South America, she has conducted research and estimated damages resulting from contract breaches and lost profits related to delays in the completion of a power plant in Chile.


Università degli Studi di Ferrara
PhD in Economics

Columbia University
MA in Quantitative Methods

Università L. Bocconi
MSc in Economics and Social Sciences and BA in Economics and Management of Arts, Cultures, and Communications