The Brattle Group is pleased to introduce the six outstanding experts who were recently named as principals. These professionals support clients through their expertise in corporate finance, international arbitration, merger disputes, regulated infrastructure, securities litigation, tax, and other areas. We look forward to many more years of shared successes.

Our new principals are:

Matthew Aharonian, Boston & Toronto
Dr. Aharonian delivers rigorous, resourceful, and principled consulting services and expert testimony on matters related to corporate finance, securities, tax, and international arbitration.

Lucia Bazzucchi, Rome
Dr. Bazzucchi has extensive experience consulting on economic and regulatory issues related to the infrastructure and transportation sectors, including toll roads, airports, and railways.

Sujay Dave, Washington, DC
Mr. Dave provides financial and economic analysis in complex commercial litigation and regulatory proceedings. He works with clients and experts on securities cases and valuation matters related to capital markets and financial institutions.

Laurence Freed, New York
Mr. Freed is a finance and media industry expert with 20 years of experience in financial services. He draws on this experience to testify as an expert and consult on a number of financial subjects, including the valuation, structuring, and trading of many asset classes.

David Hutchings, Toronto
Mr. Hutchings specializes in conducting economic analysis in complex tax, securities, and antitrust matters. He testifies, supports experts, and leads case teams in analyzing and developing economic and financial evidence to support attorneys.

Jack Stirzaker, London
Mr. Stirzaker is an economics expert who focuses on corporate finance and valuation in international investor-state and commercial arbitrations. He has advised clients on cases and testified on damages before key arbitration venues around the world.

(Updated September 1, 2023)