Dr. Toby Brown specializes in infrastructure access pricing, economic regulation, and the gas and electricity sectors. He heads Brattle’s Sydney office.

Dr. Brown advises pipelines, utilities, energy market operators and regulators, and has particular expertise in the design of incentive mechanisms for the economic regulation of energy networks. He has provided expert advice in proceedings to modify the framework of utility regulation in Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Canada. He has advised in connection with disputes over pricing in electricity distribution, electricity transmission, gas distribution, natural gas and oil pipelines, and rail and water sectors.

In addition to his regulatory work, Dr. Brown has also provided asset valuations in commercial disputes and tax matters, and he has advised on the pricing of natural gas and LNG. He has submitted expert reports in regulatory proceedings in Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Canada, and in commercial litigation in Australia.

Prior to joining Brattle, Dr. Brown worked at the UK energy regulator Ofgem. He holds a BA (Hons) and a DPhil in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.