This study provides a factual description of transmission planning arrangements in international markets, in the context of the AEMC’s ongoing development of a detailed implementation plan for the national electricity transmission planning function. The markets chosen are therefore ones with similar characteristics to Australia—i.e., liberalised markets served by more than one transmission company. We describe transmission planning arrangements in:

  1. North America, with particular focus on California (the California ISO, “CAISO”) and Alberta (the Alberta Electric System Operator, “AESO”), for reasons explained in
    the text.
  2. The Nordic region (“Nordel”) comprising Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  3. Great Britain (GB), comprising the three transmission systems that together serve the area (one in England and Wales, two in Scotland).
  4. Continental Europe, where the Union for the Co-ordination of the Transmission of Electricity (UCTE) co-ordinates the transmission systems at operational level, but there is essentially no co-ordination of transmission planning. Our focus here is on current legislative proposals for reform.

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