The Brattle Group has once again been named among the top 10 firms for international arbitration experts by Global Arbitration Review in its “GAR 100: Expert Witness Firms’ Power Index.” For the second year in a row, Brattle had the highest average value of claims of all ranked firms, which, at more than $1 billion, is significantly higher than any other ranked firms.

The annual Expert Witness Firms’ Power Index rankings are determined based on several factors from a two-year research period, including the number of hearings each firm participated in, the average value of a firm’s hearings, and reputational clout. During the research period for the 2022 rankings, spanning from August 2020 to August 2022, Brattle worked on 41 unique hearings and 66 disaggregated hearings (where more than one Brattle expert participated in the same hearing). Fifty of the disaggregated hearings were energy-related, the most of all firms included on the index. Brattle also ranked first among all firms for the number of investor-state cases worked on (41).

“It’s gratifying for Brattle to be once again be recognized among the world’s top international arbitration experts,” said Richard Caldwell, Principal and Leader of Brattle’s International Arbitration practice. “This honor is a testament to our continued success in energy and investor-state arbitrations and provides motivation as we continue to grow geographically and in the commercial arbitration sector in particular.”

To learn more about Brattle’s international arbitration expertise, please visit our practice page. The complete “GAR 100: Expert Witness Power Index” and information about GAR’s methodology is available here.