Brattle Principals Daniel Fanaras and Dr. Loren Smith, Senior Associate Dr. Josephine Duh, and Brattle Alum Dr. Bogdan Genchev coauthored an article, “Looking Behind the Mask: Economic Analyses of Physician Group Transactions,” for the American Health Law Association’s (AHLA’s) Antitrust Practice Group.

The article provides an overview of economic approaches used to evaluate the competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions involving physician groups. In recent years, there has been an increase both in the size of physician group practices and in the number of physician groups affiliating with larger health systems and hospital networks. In turn, physician-group transactions have attracted heightened attention from antitrust enforcers as well as scholars. The authors summarize analytical approaches used to evaluate horizontal physician group mergers and then discuss an analytical framework of vertical physician group mergers. The article also includes a brief overview of emerging issues to consider when analyzing the competitive implications of physician group transactions.

The full article can be found below.

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