Principal Frank Graves, Associate Josh Figueroa, and Senior Research Analyst Tess Counts recently cohosted a special Alternative Power Plays podcast episode about the implications of the Russia-Ukraine war on global energy markets.

The episode features an interview with Steve Thumb, an oil and gas market expert who previously was in charge of forecasting at Energy Ventures Analysis, and draws from content in an accompanying Brattle presentation, “Impact of Russia/Ukraine War on World Natural Gas US & Oil Markets.”

The Brattle experts and Thumb discuss how the world’s oil and natural gas supplies may be disrupted by the conflict in Ukraine, providing context for the current price spikes, and explore the short and long-run implications for the US, the European Union, and Russia.

The Alternative Power Plays podcast series – co-produced by Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney and Brattle ­– typically focuses on the benefits and deployment of Combined Heat and Power (CHP). It features interviews with industry leaders in the CHP space and addresses the new ways companies are getting electricity and thermal energy to their facilities using CHP technology.

Parts 1 and 2 of the episode are available here and here, and the accompanying presentation is available here.