In this podcast episode, Alison Forman, Principal and Certified Public Accountant from The Brattle Group, and Adam Karageorge, Brattle Associate, delve into recent SEC and PCAOB enforcement actions against auditors. Adam and Alison bring their extensive experience in handling matters involving auditor liability to provide a nuanced analysis of the evolving enforcement landscape.

The episode covers the significant uptick in PCAOB enforcement actions, especially against non-U.S. auditing firms, the impact of recent leadership changes at the SEC and PCAOB, and the implications of high-profile legal decisions for future regulatory actions.  The discussion provides listeners with a comprehensive look at the strategies employed by the regulators, exploring first of its kind enforcement, the shift towards more rigorous penalties, and an increased focus on accounting firms’ “tone at the top.”

Drawing from their recent research, Alison and Adam also compare enforcement activity in the first four months of 2024 to five predictions outlined in their report, 2023 Enforcement Activity Involving Auditors.

The link to the report referenced in this episode can be found here.

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