Brattle principal Bruce Tsuchida is the author of a chapter in the recently-published book, Renewable Energy Integration: Practical Management of Variability, Uncertainty and Flexibility in Power Grids. The book is the first of its kind to present a distilled examination of the intricacies of integrating renewables into the power grid and electricity markets.

Edited by Lawrence E. Jones, Ph.D., Renewable Energy Integration examines the key issues surrounding the integration of renewables into power grids and markets, from the details of operational and planning considerations, to supporting regulatory and policy frameworks. The book also provides global case studies that present the challenges of renewable integration, as well as highlights both enabling and disruptive technologies to support the management of variability, uncertainty, and flexibility.

Mr. Tsuchida authored the chapter, “Renewables Integration on Island,” which explores the problems and solutions surrounding the integration of variable renewable energy on island power systems. Since these power systems are typically not interconnected to other systems, they present a unique set of challenges when dealing with the intermittent nature of renewable resources. Mr. Tsuchida provides a summary of these issues encountered by islands that have been planning and implementing ways to integrate renewables at penetration levels in excess of 30%, a much higher level than those observed in many interconnected system in the world. These challenges, ranging from short-term operations to long-term planning, require island system operators to combine existing technologies and further explore innovative technology options.

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