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Turn Your PASSION for Economics into a CAREER.
Discover if Brattle is right for you.

“Within months of starting, I had the opportunity to co-author papers with some of the nation’s leading experts and was taking on as much responsibility as I could handle. My daily responsibilities range from quantitative data analysis to persuasive writing, from computer programming to marketing. The best part about working at Brattle is the diversity, both in terms of the challenges that I’m faced with and the skills that I’m developing.” 

- Brattle Associate


Associates at Brattle combine the rigor and creative inquiry of academic work with the energy of an entrepreneur as they address some of the most challenging real-world problems in economics.

You will be surrounded by highly motivated and intellectually curious people working in teams with internationally recognized experts. You will apply the skills you learned in graduate school or in the industry to solve clients’ real-world problems. You will frame research approaches, develop work products, supervise and coach staff, and work with clients directly to understand their questions, develop information, and present results. As you gain experience, you will become actively involved in business development efforts and become an expert in your own right.

Brattle provides a stimulating, supportive, and collegial environment that lets our Associates thrive. We are particularly proud that many of the current leaders of the firm began their careers as Brattle Associates.

What we look for

We hire and develop some of the best and the brightest in our industry. Our Associates come from a wide range of academic backgrounds: from Ph.D.s in economics, finance, or engineering, to MBAs with a quantitative background, to those with other relevant graduate level training. They all share one trait: they have worked hard and achieved success, academically and professionally. Beyond analytical ability and intellectual horsepower, successful candidates also have:

  • An unwavering commitment to excellence
  • An entrepreneurial drive
  • An excitement for solving complex real-world problems for our clients
  • A desire to work in a collaborative team environment
  • Intellectual curiosity and ability to think critically
  • The ability to build strong and trusting professional relationships
  • The desire to contribute to the firm’s goals
  • Strong and persuasive writing skills
  • An interest in leading, training, and developing staff
  • Motivation to become an expert in their chosen field
  • The ability to explain complicated concepts in a way that is easy to understand and respects the rigor of the analysis

If you are interested in joining our team, please check our Current Openings.

Meet Our Associates

At Brattle, every day is different. Our work environment allows individuals to drive their professional development, while making a direct impact on their projects. Check out the profiles of some of our current Associates.

"I came to Brattle because we solve interesting puzzles in innovative ways."

Jehan deFonseka, MBA from HBS

Before Brattle

I graduated from MIT with majors in Economics and Electrical Engineering/Computer Science. I was on the Varsity Squash team, participated in Battlecode (an Artificial Intelligence programming competition), helped build roller coasters and waterslides, and dabbled in filmmaking.

My first year out of college, I worked on Wall Street. It wasn’t quite for me, so I left to join Brattle as a research analyst, and stayed for two years before leaving to get an MBA at Harvard Business School. I was editor-in-chief of the HBS newspaper and used my time off to travel to more than 20 countries.

At Brattle

I came back to Brattle after getting my MBA because we solve interesting puzzles in innovative ways. I get paid to work with some of the smartest people in the world. Brattle stands out amongst other firms because of the level of responsibility it was willing to give a (then) 26-year-old; I’ve been largely able to manage my own time, develop my own business practice, and lead teams on high-profile assignments. In addition, Brattle has a great reputation in the industry for providing the highest-quality work, and I wanted to work in an environment where intellectual thoroughness and quality are valued.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I get out of my Brattle experience. The firm has given me increased project management experience, sales experience, a strong analytical toolkit, and exposure to a variety of different industries and types of transactions. I’ve worked cases that include an injunction against a tax preparation firm, tax fraud and mortgage fraud involving billions of dollars of claims, valuations, antitrust issues... there is a lot of variation in project work. I do a little bit of everything on my cases, including client management, analysis, project management, presentations, and report drafting.

"The best part about working at Brattle is the freedom I have to follow my interests, while working on diverse and interesting projects across Brattle's offices."

Lucia Bazzucchi, Ph.D., University of Ferrara (Italy)

Before Brattle

I have a diverse background rooted in a genuine passion for knowledge and critical thinking. During college I studied management for arts, culture, and communication, which was a perfect match between my passion for performing arts and social sciences (I performed in several dance and theater shows at the professional level during my time in school). After spending a semester studying in Amsterdam and an internship at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome, I completed a major in economics and social sciences. Upon graduation and after one year in the banking sector, I returned to school to receive a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from the University of Ferrara in Italy. I also had the opportunity to attend Columbia University in New York, where I received a Master’s degree in Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences.

Luckily enough, completing my Ph.D. program coincided with the opening of Brattle’s new office in Rome. I was looking for a work environment to apply my skills in applied economics, and Brattle came along naturally when looking at opportunities in economic consulting within the Italian market. I decided to accept an offer to join Brattle because I saw an intriguing opportunity to be part of a team of economists and experts challenged with developing the local market. The people I met during the interview process impressed me with their energy and enthusiasm about their job and working at Brattle.

At Brattle

Since joining Brattle, the Rome office has grown rapidly, and so has my role. I believe my career development has been influenced by several factors, including the specific project work I have been involved in spanning Brattle’s offices, and the continuous inspiration I receive from my colleagues, which has always pushed me to go the extra mile. As associates, we must efficiently manage both external and internal relationships, while building our role as an expert in certain fields. As I grow in the associate role, I am building a network in the infrastructure area both in Italy and abroad, and have had the opportunity to work in state aid and competition cases, and cases involving damages quantification in international arbitration. Brattle also offers a flexible environment, which creates greater opportunities to directly interact with senior-level staff, including principals and external clients. This kind of exposure definitely helps to develop effective communication skills. Within Brattle, I have been recently involved in recruiting and training new RAs, which, despite making me feeling a bit too old, is greatly satisfying to watch people grow in their careers.

The best part about working at Brattle is the freedom I have to follow my interests, while working on diverse and interesting projects across Brattle’s offices. I appreciate that Brattle has effectively created a “Brattle identity” across all its offices. The firm’s core values, such as the rigorousness of the analysis, the objectivity of work, and the respect for the individual, are strongly perceivable and respected across offices.

"My experience at Brattle so far has greatly encouraged and supported my career development."

Lucrezio Figurelli, Ph.D., Boston College

Before Brattle

I am originally from Palermo (Sicily), Italy. After earning an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Palermo and a Master's degree in Economics (Quantitative Methods) from the University of Roma Tor Vergata, I moved to the United States to undertake a Ph.D. program in Economics at Boston College. Before starting my Ph.D., I briefly worked as a Consultant in the Italian Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. During my time at Boston College, I held several teaching positions in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics, and worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at Boston College’s Research Services for three years. I completed my Ph.D. in 2013, specializing in Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, and Econometrics.

I viewed economic consulting as an ideal career path relative to both academia and financial or management consulting. Economic consulting combined the intellectually-challenging environment typical of top economic departments with the fast-paced, collegial environment typical of consulting. It was during my interview that I realized Brattle was the right place for me to be. I interviewed with several principals and associates and presented my research to a broad audience, and I never felt uncomfortable. People were welcoming, friendly, and genuinely interested in my research. During my interviews I received some of the most interesting feedback on my research and realized how talented the people at Brattle were. It was immediately was clear to me that the firm’s values of respect, integrity, collaboration, and performance where the key ingredient of the firm’s culture.

At Brattle

My first few years at Brattle have been an incredibly fruitful experience. I have been involved in a wide range of cases across several industries and different stages of litigation, in matters involving antitrust, copyright, valuation, commercial damages, big data, and transfer pricing. I have had the opportunity to work on high-profile cases supporting leading academics and industry experts. My responsibilities have gradually evolved towards a more managerial position, including writing proposals, leading small and large teams of analysts, interacting with the clients and the experts, and supporting the preparation of expert reports and testimony. I have also had the opportunity to gain extensive expertise in the economic and regulatory analysis of the telecommunications and media industries. Since I joined Brattle I have worked on numerous telecommunications matters, including the analysis of broadcast and cable television markets, pole attachment rights and broadband deployment, wireless networks, music licensing, copyright, spectrum allocation, and business valuation. On a large bankruptcy case involving a multinational technology firm I also developed an analytical framework to estimate the useful life of R&D expenditure and I have also co-authored reports on the broadcast television industry, state-tax apportionment rules, and the economic analysis of a technological mandate using the radio spectrum.

My experience at Brattle so far, particularly with casework, the review process, and mentoring has greatly encouraged and supported my career development. Brattle’s review and mentoring programs are invaluable opportunities for employees to get useful upward and constructive feedback and to set short and long-term goals. Additionally, the opportunity to get involved in many different cases and, to the extent possible, to choose the kind of work to be involved and specialize in critically enhances employees’ opportunities for development and advancement in their careers.
Perhaps the most inspiring thing about working at Brattle is the firm’s thriving and collegial effort to grow and succeed in line with a set of shared values and a shared culture. It has been an incredible journey so far, and I feel extremely pleased witnessing the firm’s continuing growth.

"The best part about working at Brattle is the opportunity to learn about the nature of business in a variety of industries."

Marek Zapletal, Ph.D., Michigan

Before Brattle

After receiving my Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Economics, Prague, I moved to Washington, D.C. While interning at Mercatus Center, an economic and policy think tank, I got to interact with Vernon Smith, a Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, as well as some other extraordinary economists who inspired me to pursue a graduate degree in the economics field. After receiving an M.A. in Economics from George Mason University, I enrolled into a Ph.D. program in Business Economics at the University of Michigan, where I studied effects of regulation on entrepreneurship. When taking breaks from dissertation work with large business micro-data, I competed in ballroom dancing, trained for a Marathon, and learned some Aikido, a form of martial arts.

Aside from having known that Brattle is a top economic consulting firm, one of my former classmates who had already been working at Brattle told me about the people, work, and culture at Brattle. The people I interacted with during the interview process made a strong positive impression on me, both in terms of their incisive questions and curiosity and their genuine friendly attitude.

At Brattle

During my first year at Brattle, I got to work on several high-profile litigation cases in finance, transfer pricing, and environmental economics. I have closely interacted with experts, many of whom are prominent academics. I have also led calls with clients and had an opportunity to work with teams of various sizes to create significant contributions to reports and testimonies. Internally, I have participated in interviewing research analysts and associates, given a seminar on programming in R, and have helped to develop a firm-wide event study and derivatives trainings.

I have had opportunities to work with talented people and observe how they think, how they approach challenging aspects of the cases, and how they interact with clients and experts. I have also had opportunities to get insights into several industries and to refine my ability to reduce complex economic and financial problems to their essence and present findings in an easily digestible form. Even as a very detailed oriented person, I have been surprised by the focus and level of attention to detail at Brattle.

The best part about working at Brattle is the constant opportunity to learn from your colleagues and yours cases about the nature of business in a wide variety of industries, all while expanding one’s technical toolbox and having a chance to interact with prominent clients, experts, and remarkable colleagues.

"I felt that at Brattle, I could make a difference in the future of the electricity industry."

Roger Lueken, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

Before Brattle

I received my Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. I researched ways in which new technologies, such as batteries and electric vehicles, as well as changes in market designs could reduce emissions, lower costs, and improve reliability in the electric industry. Prior to my Ph.D., I worked as a consultant for the Federal government to help agencies reduce emissions and energy costs.

I was attracted to Brattle due to the very high level of respect that the firm has within the electricity industry and academia for producing high quality, unbiased analyses. I felt that at Brattle, I could make a difference in the future of the electricity industry. I was also attracted to the interesting work Brattle takes on.

At Brattle

Overall, I have found the work at Brattle to be highly impactful and very interesting. I have worked on a wide variety of projects, including electricity market design issues, valuation of power plants, and evaluating carbon reduction strategies. As an associate, I have a leadership role in the design and presentation of a project’s analysis, which I enjoy. Brattle has given me the opportunity to shape and manage project analyses. I have also really enjoyed the first-hand exposure I’ve received to some of the most important issues in the industry.

By far the best thing about working at Brattle is the people. I have been very pleasantly surprised by the culture at Brattle and the great colleagues I have. Brattle is a very flat organization, which fosters a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.

"Economic consulting is an appealing career, a blend between academia and business."

Valentina Bonetti, MA, Bocconi University

Before Brattle

I have a Master’s degree in Economics from Università Bocconi, in Milan. During my studies I spent a semester in Paris as an exchange student, and three months in Brussels for an internship. I moved to London to carry out some research for my Masters’ dissertation and decided that I wanted to stay there and continue with my career.

As a student, I was always indecisive about whether to continue with a doctorate program or begin working in the professional business environment. Economic consulting seemed an appealing career, a blend between academia and business. I applied to Brattle because of the very positive feedback about the company I read on recruiting websites. I remember a website defined Brattle as the “kindergarten” of economic consulting, because of the extensive training opportunities in the company. When I met the Brattle Principals in London for my first interview I was impressed by their intellect and approachability. I then met the junior staff and I found their enthusiasm for the work and the team contagious. I left the office thinking I would love to work there.

At Brattle

I started at Brattle five years ago as a Research Analyst and have been involved in many projects, mainly in the natural gas sector. Brattle is a company where people are asked to work hard and take full responsibility for their work. From the very beginning I was asked to take responsibility for my analysis and work product. Step by step I started to manage larger parts of projects, and to interact more with client and colleagues. I’ve traveled to client meetings to explain our analysis and also attended oral hearings where the expert testified on the report I had the lead responsibility to prepare.

I was promoted to Associate last year, which was a big step in my career, and it has been a very smooth transition in my daily routine. I’ve learned much during my time here and I know I will continue to learn as I progress in my career. Besides project work, I recently started to get more involved in corporate activities, particularly recruiting and training the new staff. I really enjoy doing this because I wish to pass on the enthusiasm I feel about working at Brattle. The work environment is cooperative and not competitive – anyone with a good idea gets credit for it!